If you have unwanted tattoos, uneven skin texture, or both, PicoSure® can help. This revolutionary laser technology resurfaces your skin, so it looks refreshed, more youthful, and healthier.

What is PicoSure?
PicoSure’s unique technology uses short-pulse laser energy to dissolve unwanted pigments, such as dark spots, freckles, and ink in tattoos.
Unlike lasers, PicoSure doesn’t rely on heat to remove the unwanted colorations; rather, it delivers these short waves of energy that dissolve and shatter pigment without doing any damage to surrounding tissue.
The effects of PicoSure trigger your body’s natural healing processes to create skin that appears restored and refreshed. PicoSure’s technology stimulates your body’s natural cell communication system for healing.

What skin concerns can PicoSure address?
PicoSure is well-known for its effectiveness in eliminating unwanted tattoos. Plus, it can help even out irregular skin texture due to acne scars and wrinkles. If you have concerns about discoloration, such as dark age or sun spots or melasma, PicoSure treatment also helps.

Does PicoSure hurt?
Men and women tolerate PicoSure treatments well. You notice a sensation similar to the snapping of a rubber band against the skin.
During tattoo removal, Dr. Cui turns up the energy levels of PicoSure to break up the ink and deep pigmentation. As a result, you do benefit from a topical anesthetic cream during these treatments.

How long does it take to recover from PicoSure treatments?
Recovery time varies depending on your treatment. Expect recovery to last for:

  • 2-6 weeks after skin resurfacing and revitalizations
  • 2-4 weeks after acne scars and wrinkle reduction
  • 6-8 weeks after tattoo removal

Dr. Cui can help you understand what to expect when explaining your custom treatment plan.


How many PicoSure sessions are necessary to see results?
Exactly how many PicoSure treatments you need depends on how your skin responds and your cosmetic goals.
Tattoo removal usually takes 4-10 treatments and depends on the density of the ink, the size of the tattoo, and location of the image. For people looking for skin revitalization, 2-5 sessions usually suffice.

How long do the results of PicoSure last?
PicoSure permanently removes tattoos and resolves acne scars. If you undergo PicoSure to revitalize your skin and erase irregular pigmentation, you may need regular treatments for optimal results.
These touch-up treatments are usually scheduled about six months apart and prevent the further accumulation of discoloration and slow the development of wrinkles.

Accepted Insurance

At Jian Cui Dermatology PC, we accept most major insurance providers. If you do not see your insurance provider listed, please contact the office for more information.