Diet and exercise can help you achieve a healthy weight, but they don’t always create the sculpted physique you desire. CoolSculpting fine-tunes your frame so those stubborn areas that hold onto fat shrink and appear toned.

What is CoolSculpting?
CoolSculpting technology freezes fat cells so they can no longer survive and are flushed naturally from your body. The temperatures penetrate through your outer layers of skin to target the fat cells, so there’s no damage done to your outer dermis.
The procedure is noninvasive and safe, requiring no injections, incisions, or anesthesia. CoolSculpting is appropriate for people at a normal weight; it’s not a comprehensive weight-loss procedure.

Where can CoolSculpting treatments be applied?
Areas that commonly hold onto fat, even when you’ve successfully lost weight, are eligible for CoolSculpting treatments. These include:

  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Abdominal pooch
  • Love handles
  • The underside of the buttocks
  • Upper arms
  • Double chin


How long do the results of CoolSculpting last?
CoolSculpting offers a permanent solution for unwanted fat. Traditional methods of weight loss only shrink your fat cells – they can always swell back up if you take in too many calories. With CoolSculpting, the process destroys fat cells so they can’t swell up or regenerate.
But, the remaining fat cells can expand. As long as you maintain a healthy weight following CoolSculpting, your results remain.

What should I expect during CoolSculpting?
In the first 5-10 minutes of your Coolsculpting treatment with a gel pad and applicator, you notice an intense feeling of coldness. As the treatment areas go numb, you feel very little and can relax as you watch movies or play on your phone.
When the procedure is complete, sensation returns to your body, and you start to feel some tingling as sensation returns.
Although you may have some slight redness and swelling in the treated areas, this resolves quickly without any special treatment. You can go right back to all your regular activities following CoolSculpting sessions.

When are the results of CoolSculpting noticeable?
You start to see the changes three weeks after treatment. Optimal results appear within two months. Your body continues to flush out fat cells for a total of 4-6 months.

How many sessions of CoolSculpting will I need?
You can opt for just one CoolSculpting treatment and get fantastic results. But, depending on your aesthetic goals and your existing body type, you may prefer the results you get after a series of sessions. Dr. Cui puts together a set of recommendations personalized for you.

Accepted Insurance

At Jian Cui Dermatology PC, we accept most major insurance providers. If you do not see your insurance provider listed, please contact the office for more information.

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